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Saeed Fatemi (Fatima), founder of Jasmin Films, was born in Iran in November 1978. His first appearance in a play was at the age of 13 in a play called: The King and the Judge. He continued acting in various plays up to the age of 21.


Despite being accepted on Performing Literature course at the Open University of Arts in Iran, Saeed decided to migrate to Britain in the year 2000. Where within a few years, in 2004 he started his cooperation with a private Iranian TV company, while taking a three month course in Media Production.

In 2005 Saeed wrote his first fiction, (The World is Not our Place), and published it in Iran.

A few months later, he wrote and directed his first short docudrama, ‘Meeting Death’. He has been also working as a Voice artist since 2009. Saeed gradually distanced himself from the world of media, following his passion in film-making up to present.