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Saeed Fatemi

Author, novelist, filmmaker, stuntman and inventor of the C.T.A. method, founder of Jasmin Film Productions

What is the reason for choosing Jasmine over this art company?

Jasmine flower is one of Saeed Fatemi's most popular flowers, which, due to its delightful fragrance, 17 amazing scientific reasons, and attractive appearance, is a starting point for writing screenplays and productions that, like jasmine flower, give meaning to humanity and virtues through cinema. and play a great role in the transmission of modern global culture

What are the goals of Jasmine Film Production Company ?

1- Solidarity and unity among Persian-speaking artists all over the world
2- Discovery of talents
3- Investing in young film-making geniuses
4- Spreading the culture and civilization of Persia
5- Paying attention to human and moral values
​​6- Gradual entry into a new civilization on the planets
7 - Focusing on film productions with a focus on mental and the health of the human and mind