Saeed Fatemi

Saeed Fatemi was born on November 3, 1978 in Mashhad (Northeast) Iran Founder and head of productions of Jasmin films He entered performing arts at the age of 13 And until the age of 21 in 21 social and comedy shows played a role Then he immigrated to Britain in 2000 The different conditions and way of life caused a period of Artistic activities took a break, but finally in 2004 He worked as a presenter and program maker with a private television channel until he left there in 2008 and seriously pursued his dream and at the end of 2008, he founded Jasmin Film Productions. He joined his long-time favorite, cinema, and started producing serious and social works, which generally had a romantic theme.
He has also been working in the dubbing department since 2009 and is the innovator of a new method Called : (C.T.A) which deals with the speaker's expression and feeling Also, in 2006, he wrote a novel titled (The world is not our place!) He wrote that it is now available to the public in the National Library of Iran
He likes the style and thought of poets such as
and Khayyam,
and the famous Italian poet Dante Algiri inspired him in writing the novel. (The world is not our place!) And in the field of film, following the style of prominent filmmakers such as
Charlie Chaplin
And It is Yasujiro Ozu

About C.T.A
It is an abbreviation of three English words (Connection, Transfer, Alliance) in the sense that 4 words are given to the speaker and he chooses 1 more word. From the moment of thinking about how to arrange the words, a connection is formed between the person and his subconscious mind, and as soon as he conveys it to his mind, a transformation is established, and when the speaker finds it ready for reading and then a dramatic performance of the same text, it is linked to reading and The dramatized performance is called Alliance.